How To Choose The Most Fitted Watch Size and Diameter

Watches become one of the accessories that are loved by so many. Even though watches have a small size compared to other accessories, it can be your mainstay to change your appearance to be more attractive and even more elegant. 

What are your considerations to choose your watch size?

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 The consideration and how to find your ideal timepiece that fit your wrist 


In general, the considerations that are usually made when choosing a watch are choosing a design and color that suits your taste, as well as finding the right size for your wrist—case and band size. A size that fits your wrist will give you comfort – not too tight so it doesn't slide and rub against your skin.

Please note, that each watch size doesn’t fit all wrist. Like clothes, you need to know your body size to choose the ideal outfit. Likewise when choosing a watch, we need to know the size of our wrist to get a proportional appearance.

Your taste and reference influence your watch selection. Maybe most of you want to choose a watch that has a large case even if the hand is small. However, here we have prepared a special formula to help you find the most ideal watch for your wrist. Here are the steps you can take.

How to Find Wrist Size

The first step in choosing the ideal watch is determining your wrist size. To determine your wrist size category, it is important to find the category of your wrist size -- thick, medium, or very thin. This size will greatly affect the appearance of the watch later.

Knowing your watch size will give you an advantage. First, you'll find a watch that feels comfortable. Second, you don't need to be confused when online shopping for watches because you can find the right one without trying it out. Third, it will help you to find the right design as the choices become niche. For example, a sophisticated watch would be perfect for those of you who have a thin wrist, while a sports watch would be more ideal for your thick wrist.

Wrist Measure:

  •       Use a shirt size tape or a flexible measuring tape.
  •       Wrap it around your handcara mengukur pergelangan tangan
How to Measure Your Wrist

Wrist Category:

  •       Thin: 14-16cm
  •        Slim: 17-18cm
  •       Thick: more than 18cm

Important Things to Find an Ideal Watch Size

After finding the wrist size by category, the process of choosing the most ideal watch does not stop there. Next, you need to think about the parts that can have an impact on the perfect and suitable watch for you, such as the diameter and thickness of the case, the width of the strap, and the details on your dream watch.

Case Diameter

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Case Diameter: The most important thing in choosing and ideal watch



The case is the part of the watch that steals the most attention. Therefore , the case diameter is very important to be your consideration. Especially if the watch wants to be a statement or a fashion item that becomes a spotlight in your appearance.

In general, the diameter of men's watches ranges from 38mm to 46mm. Outside this range, the watch will look too small or too big on your wrist. To find the most ideal watch for you, use your wrist size. If your wrist belongs to the thin and slim category (14cm - 18cm), a small or medium size watch with a diameter of 38mm, 40mm or 42mm will be the perfect choice. As for the thick wrist category—18 cm and above—the right choice is a large case, which is 44-46mm.

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For women's watches, the size of the diameter is generally made smaller when compared to men's. The size of the watch diameter 26mm - 28mm will be perfect for those of you who have a wrist size of less than 15 cm. The diameter size 29mm - 38mm for wrist size around 15cm - 16cm, and the 39mm size is an ideal choice for those of you who have a wrist size of more than 16 cm.

Watch Thickness

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Watch Thickness: The most important thing in choosing and ideal watch


Finding the ideal watch that fits your wrist requires watch thickness consideration. will be the main factor whether or not the watch will fit on your wrist. For example, a dive watch and a dress watch with the same diameter will look different when the thickness is different.

Basically the size or thickness of the frame or case must be proportional to the diameter of the watch. Therefore, the thickness must increase as much as the diameter. If you continue to stick to these rules, it will be easier for you to find the ideal watch.

In addition, the thickness of the watch will also affect how you combine it with clothes. If you want to wear your watch under your sleeves, then a thinner watch would be a great choice. On the other hand, if the watch is not covered by the sleeves, then a watch with a thick category will make a statement.

Watch Strap

Hal Penting dalam Memilih Ukuran Jam TanganWatch Strap: The most important thing in choosing and ideal watch


In order to get the ideal watch to your wrist, it is also important to pay attention to the strap. The most proportionate strap size is half of the width of the case. For example if you have a 40mm case, the most perfect strap width should be 20mm. However, this is just a tip to get the ideal strap size for each case diameter you choose. Selection of the width of the watch strap is larger or narrower depending on individual tastes.

Strap Material

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Strap Material: The most important thing in choosing and ideal watch


Equally important, you should also consider the strap material that is ideal for your wrist. The most common strap materials are metal and leather straps. Both of these types of material give the different appearance for anyone who wears it. In general, metal bands are the perfect watch straps for larger wrist hand because they appear to be heavier and thicker.

Then, how to choose the ideal watch thickness, type and strap material that fits your wrist? Worry not, here is the complete information for you!

Thick Wrist

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Thick Wrist: The most important thing in choosing and ideal watch

If you have a thick wrist, we recommend you to choose a case with a diameter of 44mm - 46mm. Even though you can’t choose your watch based on your taste, you are very lucky because you will still look attractive by wearing a large old classic watch. In addition, a chronograph can really maximize your appearance.

Medium Wrist

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Medium Wrist: The most important thing in choosing and ideal watch

Medium wrist sizes are the luckiest— there are so many choices that you can wear to display the ideal watch. While a medium wrist size does provide freedom in choosing a watch, there are still things to consider to get the perfect wrist watch. We recommend you to choose a case with a size of around 42mm and be sure to choose a bracelet or strap with a larger strap size. Then, if you are still confused about which type of strap that fits your medium wrist, metal holds the answer.

Slim Wrist

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Source: Chronoluxe

Slim Wrist: The most important thing in choosing and ideal watch

The slim wrist has a slightly large wrist size. Therefore, to get the ideal watch, we advise you to choose a thinner case and increase the diameter size. The 40mm case is a perfect size that will generally fit comfortably on your slim wrist. As for the thickness of the case, make sure no more than 7mm - 8mm. If you want to choose a smaller watch, it's best to wear a leather strap to make the watch more proportional and make your appearance become the center of attention.

At the end, it takes several steps to finally finding the ideal watch for your wrist. The determining hand size is for all subsequent stages from selecting the case size, the strap, and watch strap material. If you have taken your measurements correctly, then you will find the most ideal watch for your wrist.

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