A Complete Guide How to Choose Your First Rolex

Buying the very first Rolex is a milestone. The majority of hard-working, successful,  and driven denizens people set their sights on the most valuable looking watch in the Rolex lineup. We all agree that a watch is not just about fashion accessories, but it can represent themselves, impression, expression, fashion style, and also achievement. If this is your first time choosing a Rolex, here is a complete guide--step by step-- on how to choose the fittest Rolex watch that added your value! 

Find your reason to buy a Rolex

How to choose first Rolex

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Rolex becomes the most iconic watch that everyone admires. This brand influences the world in any aspect like lifestyle, sports like tennis and golf. Knowing how big it is, Rolex could be your dream watch to buy. First thing first, have you found what your reason to buy a Rolex is? We recommend you to buy this incredible timepiece with a clear-minded approach while identifying what it is you are looking for in the watch, and why. “Every Rolex tells a story”. So, find a watch that can represent who you are, celebrate a milestone of your business and life, or investment. 

Which one you should buy, new, vintage or pre-owned?

First Rolex

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A new Rolex is pretty straightforward. You will pay the full price, get your authentic product, the boxes, papers, and everything there is. Buying a new Rolex can give you peace of mind. However, for you who like to appreciate the value of a worn-in look on a watch, you can choose to buy a vintage Rolex watch. Lastly, if you are looking for the best value ratio between quality and discount in a newer or popular Rolex watch model, buying the pre-owned ones would be the best option!

Choose your watch size

Perfect size wrist

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Choosing the perfect watch size that can fit your wrist definitely matters. The watch with sizes 31mm and 34mm will look good on a slim wrist. While for you with a bigger wrist can choose a watch size of max 41mm.

Choose the right model

How to choose first Rolex

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There are three specific genres of watch connoisseur that Rolex caters to, such as the casual sport for modern buyers, office or formal watches, the middle ground between the least expensive and most expensive offering, and high-end dress watches, which are limited.

For the sport and casual model, we suggest you to focus more on the prominent watches like the Submariner, Daytona, GMT Master II Explorer, and Explorer II. As for luxury and business, the Rolex Air King, Datejust II, and Day-Date II are the perfect choices. These pairs can really elevate your classy look. The fittest Rolex is the watch that gives you confidence and airs the dazzle just by entering the room.

Where should you buy your first Rolex?


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Choosing the most reliable platform to buy your very first Rolex is needed. Find a recommended platform that gives you very detailed information and offers the best price. But no need to worry! If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy platform to buy your first Rolex, Chronoluxe is a highly recommended place to go. We offer curated and 100% authentic timepieces at the most competitive price in the market. Explore our best collection and reach us through our Instagram or Whatsapp number to get first-class service from us.


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