Specially Made for Ladies, Discover a Graphic and Colored RM 07-01 Collection

Richard Mille (RM) is known as the most exclusive high-end luxury watch due to its innovative design. That thing explains what makes their timepiece loved by watch collectors.  In July 2021, RM introduced the freshen model of RM 07-01— a graphic and colored ceramic with tradition at its heart—, this revolutionary timepiece continues to cause a sensation with every new iteration. 

Especially made for ladies,  the newest model of RM 07-01 available in pastel mood tone— Blue, Pink, and Lavender. Those magnificent color combinations will stand out your appearance, each limited at 50 pieces in the world.  

Please take a closer look! 

RM 07-01

RM 07-01

Source: instagram @richardmille

RM 07-01 is breathtakingly beautiful! 

This feminine icon of Richard Mille captures boldness and beauty at the same time. The skeletonised automatic movement is completed with hours, minutes, and adjustable rotor geometry; it has a power reserve of 50 hours.  

How about the case?

Its bezel are adorned with pop up colored ceramics: Blush pink TZP ceramic for the RM 07-01 Pastel Pink, lavender pink TZP ceramic for the RM 07-01 Pastel Lavender and powder blue TZP ceramic for the RM 07-01 Pastel Blue. Moreover, the Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal (TZP) is a biocompatible ceramic composed of over 95% zirconia (ZrO2). It offers corrosion and scratch resistance, as well as superior toughness. It is incredible, isn’t it?

Apart from the beautiful color combination and specifications, RM considered incorporating Guillochage— a decorative craft that has its origins in the 16th century— within a Richard Mille timepiece in unique fresh pop energy. Practitioners of Guillochage are trained for decades before they are considered masters of their craft. Therefore, the RM 07-01 Colored Ceramic model is totally unique because it has taken centuries-old technique and applied it in a fresh and creative way.


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