Chronoluxe’s Pick: The Best Colored Franck Muller Watches Under 100 Million Rupiah

Today, it is a good day for a fashion watch upgrade. If you are looking for luxury watches that match your outfit and accessories, you can’t go wrong with the Franck Muller collection. Several models of those are available for 100 million rupiahs or less. On Chronoluxe’s pick, we will walk you through five of our top choices. 

Frank Muller Master Square 6002 M QZ R D 1R (AC)

r Master Square 6002 M

Source: Chronoluxe

When you are looking for a timepiece design that hoses both harmony and grace, Frank Muller Master Square is definitely the answer. From the adorable case design to beautiful contours, this watch can really express the beauty of its owner. Go get this fashion watch, Master Square 6002 M QZ R D 1R (AC) at Rp75.920.000 only at Chronoluxe! 

Frank Muller Long Island

Long Island 952 M

Source: Chronoluxe

The Long Island has become a leading collection of Franck Muller. This model features an iconic rectangular shape and eye-catching numerals. Chronoluxe offers two of Long Island's best options. The first is Long Island 952 M QZ D 1R COL DRM (AC), with an elegant diamond and flawless dial. The second one is Long Island 952 M QZ D 1R (AC) which hoses colored numerals and alligator straps. These two models of Long Island will fit your desired style perfectly. Check out this most loved timepiece of Franck Muller at Rp83.220.000 only at Chronoluxe! 

Franck Muller Curved 

Franck Muller Curved

Source: Chronoluxe

Muller Curved model is the brand's most distinctive silhouette. Its unique and colored numerals are breathtakingly beautiful. To complete your freshen look, we suggest Curved 2852 M QZ D 1 R COL DRM (AC) and Curved 2852 QZ D 1R (AC)Placed under the sign of luxury and uniqueness, these fashion watches are priced at Rp91.980.000 - Rp99.280.000 and available to order at Chronoluxe with the lowest price in the market! 

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