Leather Vs Metal Watch Strap, Which One Fits You Better?

Choosing the right watch strap requires consideration —which one better, leather or metal?

If this is your first time purchasing a luxury timepiece, then this is going to be an important decision. Let's dive into the differences between leather and metal watch straps, so you can know which one is better and fits you perfectly!

Leather strap 101 

Leather strap

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The leather strap is a  favorite for many. The characteristics of the strap that are naturally soft, light feel, comfortable, flexible, and long-lasting fit your classic or even sophisticated profile. It’s not only made from cowhide, but leather watch straps also can be made from alligator, calf, crocodile, ostrich, and shark hides.  Each hide definitely has distinct characteristics-- the texture and pattern. You can mix and match your leather strap with belt and shoes. By doing so, you will become an attention stealer. 

Metal strap 101 

Metal strap

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If you are looking for sport watches that can also be a dress watch for fancier occasions, a metal strap timepiece is a perfect choice. The characteristics of metal straps that are easy to mix and match can really add value to your casual and even formal appearance. 

Compared to a leather strap, metal doesn’t damage easily when it is exposed to sweat and water droplets. Another good thing about a metal strap is that it is hypoallergenic, which basically means safe for sensitive skin. 

What to Look Out for with Leather Watch Straps

It is necessary to take care of a leather watch strap— to avoid cracking and help maintaining the elasticity. The cons of the leather strap is: it will wear out over time, strap holders could break up, and the hole eventually stretches. However, the good thing is you can easily replace your leather watch strap.

Another thing to remember  is not to ever wet your leather strap. It can cause bad smell. Therefore, please make sure to put it off when doing high-intensity exercises or sports that make you sweat. 

What to Look Out for with Metal Watch Straps

A metal strap watch is very sensitive to temperature. After you leave it in an extreme temperature either too cold or hot, putting on your metal watch can be unpleasant. Metal cords can also become magnets for dirt that gets caught in small crevices, and over time the metal can look dull. Therefore, be sure to know how to properly clean and care for your metal strap.

At the end of the day, both leather or metal strap have their pros and cons. Due to a personal decision, we suggest you find the reason why you want to buy the timepiece— is it for the daily base look, special occasion, or working out-- and for whatever reasons, your personal taste defines your style. However, it’s still best to try some watches in store, so you know the look and feel. Please make an appointment at Chronoluxe through the website or Whatsapp number to find a timepiece that fits you perfectly! 

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