5 Things to Know About Panerai

Panerai might not be the oldest or the most famous watch manufacturer in the world, but it is indeed a brand with recognizable watch's design and history. Today, Panerai is loved by so many— especially the adventurous watch collectors. Read on to find out more about Panerai! 

Founded in Florence in 1860

giovanni panerai

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Panerai was founded by Giovanni Panerai in Florence, Italy back in 1860. Even though being founded in Italy, but actually all Panerai watches were produced in Switzerland. Therefore, the remark ‘Swiss made’ can be found on Panerai watch’s dial.  By combining Italian touch and Swiss technology, it makes Panerai owned its uniqueness.  

The Early History of Panerai's calibre

Panerai calibre

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In the beginning, Panerai didn't have the resources to make its own calibres. Hence, Giovanni Panerai and his son began producing watches by outsourcing the calibres from Rolex and Angelus’. By outsourcing the calibres, Panerai was able to offer a better price with a great quality and value toward the products. 

Panerai’s Luminous index

Panerai’s Luminous index

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By the early 20th Century, Panerai was appointed by the Royal Italian Navy to produce timepieces specialising in naval purposes. Therefore, they used Radiomir—  a radium-based paint that glowed in the dark whose patent has been secured in 1916. This material was made for their luminous index that now becomes Panerai’s signature— it is readable underwater. 

However, the Radium material on the luminous index is the most radioactive chemical element in the world. Worry not, Panerai stopped using Radium and switched to a new self-luminous tritium-based substance called Luminor in 1949.

Seawater machine test 

Seawater machine test

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Since Panerai watches were originally used by the Italian Navy, they came in contact with a lot of water and harsh environment. Today, the watches perhaps are not used in the same harsh environment, but many Panerai watches are still made for diving purposes. To meet the brand standard, Panerai tested the watches with artificial seawater and chemical reaction in a special machine. 

Panerai Model Categories

Panerai model

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Panerai watches are available in four distinct case styles — Radiomir, Luminor, Luminor Due, and Submersible. Radiomir refers to Panerai’s earliest naval watches from the 1930s. Its plain-face, classic, and large model is the perfect choice for gentlemen who want to look classy. In the 1950s, Panerai introduced its iconic crown lock, as featured in the brand's Luminor line. This model is a modernised version of the company's first civilian collection in 1993. 

Whilst, Luminor Due which premiered in 2018 features thinner and smaller watches with more luxurious details. With its eye-catching design, Luminor became the most attractive model of Panerai watches. Then in 2019, Panerai launched the newest model Submersible which is made simpler than previous models.

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