266 Years of Wealth, Here is a Remarkable History of Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin is the oldest watch manufacturer in continuous operation since it was founded. In nearly three centuries of its existence, the brand has made some of the most important contributions in horology: it has engineered a lineage of ‘super complications’, embraced vintage watches with modern technology, and developed one of the world’s iconic ultra-thin movements.

Vacheron Constantin is a symbol of high status and luxury living. Therefore, the timepiece is loved by so many-- elite society and vintage watch collectors.   But behind its great existence, there are many stories that are worth being uncovered. Find out more about how Vacheron Constantin created history, here!

Vacheron Constantin was founded in 1755, when Jean-Marc Vacheron (1731–1805), a watchmaker master, started his business in Geneva. At that time, he introduced his first watch, “Jean-Marc Vacheron”. 

founder vacheron-constantin

Source: vacheron-constantin

Initially, the business was only managed by the Vacheron family as Abraham and Jacques-Barthélemy, the son and grandson of Jean-Marc Vacheron, still led the business until 1810. However, in 1981 the company grew bigger, so that Vacheron decided to partner with an experienced businessman, François Constantin, and changed the watch’s brand name into Vacheron et Constantine.

In its journey, Vacheron Constantin has introduced iconic watch models that are unique and different from the rest of watches brands. Some of the most famous models are The Original Lady's Wristwatch (1889), The Royal Chronometer Pocket-Watch (1907), First World Time Watch with 31 Time Zones (1932), The Ultra-Thin Wristwatch (1955), Overseas Collection (1996), and 250 and 260 Years Edition. Other than that, this brand surprised the industry with their special ladies’ watch named Kallista (1979). This watch is one of the world's most expensive watches--retail price $5 million, but today it is more than $11 million dollars at the auction market. It is incredible, isn’t it? 

kallista vacheron constantin

Source: vacheron-constantin

Vacheron Constantin might be the oldest watch manufacturer, but they still managed to be one of the most loved timepieces until today. With its characters that are innovative, exclusive, vintage, and also prestigious, the timepieces will never truly go out of style. 

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