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Kami akan membeli jam tangan mewah Anda dan Anda bisa langsung mendapatkan uang tunai!

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What is the difference between direct sell and consign method?

If you choose the direct sell method, your luxury watch will be directly bought by Chronoluxe and you will receive instant payment when we agree to buy your watch. While in the consign method, you will need to leave your watch with us. When it is sold, we will transfer the payment to your bank account

When your item sells, you need to pay the commission fee 2% of the final selling price. We do not get paid, unless you get paid!

Our customer service will contact you within 1x24 hours after the buyer confirms the purchase.

Our primary goal is to sell your watch within the 120 days consignment period. If the watch is unsold, at the end of 120 days, and you would like to reclaim it, you must make arrangements to do so by contacting our customer service.

You may retrieve your watch back before the consignment period ends. However, any removal request should be submitted through our customer service 12 working days before.

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