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To be the leading buying and selling luxury watch platform in Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong

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To constantly offer the best selection of luxury watches with the most competitive price in the market

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About Chronoluxe

Born out of a love for exclusive luxury timepieces, the founders of Chronoluxe initially started this platform as a hobby – simply to share their passion with like-minded watch lovers. From there, a community grew rapidly and soon, people from all around the region and beyond were always excited to see what Chronoluxe had to offer. Our founders decided to take that shared love for luxury watches to build the Chronoluxe of today – a platform that has grown into one of Asia’s most celebrated and prominent specialty luxury timepiece marketplaces with an ever growing presence in the region. Providing easy and direct access to the world’s best and most collectible watch brands, Chronoluxe sidesteps the heavy revolving doors of the traditional watch industry. A portal to the most exclusive collection of haute horlogerie watches, we strive to constantly introduce and offer limited edition, trend-setting timepieces from various brands. These showcased brands represent the best of traditional watchmaking, as well as talented revolutionary modern-day watchmakers who continuously challenge the boundaries of our imaginations and push the envelope of what’s conceivable, taking haute horlogerie to unparalleled heights. We invite you to discover a world where every collector’s dream comes true at our multi-brand flagship stores. Our utmost objective is to always provide you with a fully personalized exceptional watch buying and selling experience, regardless of whether you are a seasoned watch connoisseur or a watch enthusiast aspiring to start your collection. Explore our site to learn the beauty and story of each exclusive timepiece we carry as you view our latest collections. Let us take you deeper into the fascinating world of authentic luxury, craftsmanship, and exclusivity.

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